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MHC Mobility parent company Mitsubishi HC Capital Inc acquires Mobility Mixx

As of the 31st March 2022, Mobility Mixx B.V. (‘Mobility Mixx’) became a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi HC Capital. Previously a minority shareholder, who originally acquired a 49% share through the former Hitachi Capital Corporation, have now further invested in acquiring the remaining shares from ARS Traffic and Transport Technology B.V. (‘ARS’).

Mobility Mixx is a leading Mobility as a Service (‘Maas’) and ‘Smart Mobility’ provider in the Netherlands. It seamlessly integrates and aggregates mobility services via Smartphone or SmartCard, and a modern API enabled supply chain, enabling users to access multimodal travel services, including electric bikes, e-scooters, EV chargers, and fuel stations. Mobility Mixx also provides advanced expense management and fleet mobility sharing solutions that can manage mobility budgets, reporting modules and utilise reward programmes, all of which can influence travel behaviour,  further supporting corporate and Government clients in reducing their costs and supporting sustainable travel choices.

Mitsubishi HC Capital are striving to become a leader in car leasing and MaaS in Europe, utilising its ever-growing network of MHC Mobility subsidiaries to drive its decarbonisation strategy and advanced mobility services. Mobility Mixx is a key element in achieving this goal, being at the forefront of innovation and taking a leading position in advanced mobility services.

As a wholly owned subsidiary, Mobility Mixx now have access to a wide range of expertise and resources within the Mitsubishi HC Capital group, providing crucial support and financial backing for future growth.

Harald Ernst, CEO of Mobility Mixx says, “With Mitsubishi HC Capital we have the perfect owner and sponsor for our ambitious growth plans. We admire the strong values and the vision of Mitsubishi HC Capital and are proud to be a member of the group of Mitsubishi companies”.

Simon Oliphant, CEO of Mobility Solutions Business Division stated: “This further investment in Mobility Mixx, making it a wholly owned subsidiary supports our strategy of combining multi-modal travel with our traditional vehicle-based services to offer customers integrated, flexible and sustainable mobility. With the shift from total cost of ownership to total cost of mobility and decarbonisation we see excellent growth prospects in this sector”.

MHC Mobility Netherlands have partnered with Mobility Mixx previously, launching a mobility card that gives employees greater choice over the modes of transport they choose whilst combining all associated costs into one invoice for their employer. The possibility of having one system to manage your mobility budget offers flexibility, and incentivises the use of alternatives to traditional car transport. We’ve already seen how effective the MHC Mobility and Mobility Mixx partnership can be, and we’re excited to see what this partnership holds for the future!

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