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MHC Mobility Poland’s Mobility Day: A journey to the future of mobility

MHC Mobility Poland recently held its first Mobility Day, promoting e-mobility and the transition to electric vehicles.

MHC Mobility Poland’s immersive event highlighted the future of mobility, providing attendees with the opportunity to test a variety of electric vehicles and learn more about e-transformation and how to implement e-mobility in business.

The day attracted 300 guests, from industry journalists – including TVN, the number one independent TV station in Poland – to experts in electromobility and fleet industry specialists. The event was also attended by representatives from existing and potential new customers, including large international corporations and smaller family businesses.

The fact that over 300 guests visited Mobility Day, took part in the events, and talked with our representatives confirms the conscious approach to the issue and the real interest in electromobility

Tomasz Piekarski, CCO of MHC Mobility CEE

The event took place at the DriveLand Safe Driving Academy in Słabomierz, near Warsaw. The location of the event was chosen because the DriveLand track – owned by rally driver and Polish champion Tomasz Kuchar – is fully adapted for the use of electric cars. The track has its own electric vehicle charging network and solar panels to power its infrastructure – a great example of how electrification can go hand in hand with automotives.

Over 80 purely electric vehicles were available to test drive on the professional test track. This included a range of vehicles from passenger cars, vans and trucks to electric scooters and bicycles. These vehicles were provided by the 12 event partners, which included well-known brands such as Kia, Audi, Volkswagen, Hyundai, and BMW. Guests could test the vehicles on both normal road surfaces and more challenging terrain in unfavourable driving conditions. After testing the vehicles, guests could share their opinions of the vehicles on the MHC Mobility mobile app.

A separate area was also dedicated to the innovative Mobility Spot product, MHC Mobility Poland’s new application which will aim to provide a fully comprehensive MaaS solution in the near future. This area displayed a full array of cars and services that MHC Mobility Poland offers to clients interested in electrifying their fleet.

The day was hugely successful and following the event guests and partners shared their pictures and thoughts of the day via their own social media channels. After the dust settles on the track in Słabomierz, the team will begin preparations for next year’s event, which is guaranteed to be even bigger and better!

Mobility Day showcased the enthusiasm and dedication of attendees in electrifying the future of mobility. It also demonstrated how powerful direct experience is to accepting change, and the role of e-transformation in moving to a more sustainable future.

Watch the full video from the day to find out more:

Don’t miss our event next year! Contact us at or visit the MHC Mobility Poland LinkedIn page here to find out more and sign up.

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