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Technical Inspector – a new service for MHC Mobility CEE customers

As part of a long-term contract, customers of MHC Mobility CEE will receive regular technical inspections. 

For vans and trucks rented within FSL (Full Service Lease), MHC Mobility will provide a Technical Inspector, to systematically take care of the technical condition of the clients’ fleet. The inspections will take place quarterly, with over 100 vehicles verified per month. This complementary service will provide MHC Mobility clients with uninterrupted mobility of their business.

The MHC Mobility inspector has extensive knowledge and experience in the transportation industry and auto mechanics and maintenance of specialised fleets.

As a result, inspections are a unique service on the market, which in many cases detects faults that may lead to a serious failure. 

Vehicle inspections as part of fleet maintenance, is our proprietary, unique service on the market. The main goal of the inspector’s work is to maintain full technical efficiency of vehicles and constant communication with customers in the scope of activities necessary to ensure the reliability of their fleet  says Marcin Chała, MHC Mobility Technical Inspector.

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