We are proud of the Japanese heritage and financial strength our parent company gives us. We are focused on providing mobility solutions for the European market and MHC Mobility is backed by the decades of experience our people and operations have in this sector.

We draw confidence from our expertise, continuing to seize new opportunities and respond to new challenges. By leading the way, we are helping to shape the future of mobility.

Hitachi Contract Hire is launched (later to become Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions)

This was Hitachi Capital Corporation’s first ever full-service leasing company in Europe. It has now grown to become one of the top-10 players in the UK market, won multiple awards for innovations and customer service within the leasing sector. As of 2021, it has a fleet size of over 96,000 vehicles.

Hitachi Capital Corporation (HCC) is formed

Hitachi Credit Corporation and Hitachi Leasing Corporation merge to become Hitachi Capital Corporation, consolidating the financing businesses of the Hitachi Group.

CorpoFlota (Poland) is acquired

This key acquisition marks Hitachi Capital Group’s first step into European expansion. In May 2015, CorpoFlota would go on to rebrand as Hitachi Capital Polksa (HCPL).

HCC establishes HCC Vehicle Solutions Strategy Division (VSSD)

HCC Vehicle Solutions Strategy Office becomes Vehicle Solutions Strategy Division, reflecting a long-term strategy of establishing a pan-European capability by identifying and acquiring stable and well-managed vehicle solutions and mobility businesses on the continent. In 2019, the division was renamed Mobility Solutions Division to reflect the focus on the wider mobility market.

HCC acquires Noordlease (Netherlands)

HCC acquires its first business in the Netherlands- a key strategic market. Noordlease, established in 1982, came with decades of experience in the market. In December 2017, Noordlease would add scale by acquiring LeaseVisie (Netherlands). In July 2018 the two companies were integrated and rebranded as Hitachi Capital Mobility Netherlands (HCMN).

HCPL acquires Planet Car Lease (Poland)

By acquiring Planet Car Lease, HCPL gained an internationally experienced management team capable of expanding our CEE business, both in scale and geographic coverage

HCC acquires Maske Fleet GmbH (Germany) and Maske Langzeit-Vermietung GmbH (Austria)

A key acquisition that established HCC’s presence in the largest European market. With Maske (established in 1959) HCC gained management and operations with a wealth of experience in car and commercial vehicles, long term rental, Flexirent and short-term rental. With 11 service centres around Germany and Austria, Maske can fully support our mobility strategy.

HCC acquires 49% minority shareholding in MobilityMixx B.V. (Netherlands)

The first minority shareholding transaction and a strategic investment in a platform to support HCC’s mobility strategy. This was a clear statement of HCC’s intentions to integrate Mobility as a Service (MaaS) with its traditional vehicle orientated products and services.

HCMN acquires Mobilease NV (Belgium)

A key acquisition in completing coverage of the Benelux region, with Belgium being a key country for HCC’s European expansion ambitions. Entry to Belgium provides a strategic platform for future growth and further development of mobility services.

HCPL acquires Fraikin portfolios in Slovakia, Hungary & Czech Republic

Hitachi Capital Polska accelerates its strategy to expand in CEE and develop commercial vehicle expertise by acquiring Fraikin’s operations in Slovakia, Hungary & Czech Republic. The acquisition also supports existing Polish customers with international operations requiring HCPL’s support and services across Central & Eastern Europe (CEE).

Birth of Mitsubishi HC Capital Inc.

Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Company Limited and Hitachi Capital merge to form Mitsubishi HC Capital Inc. (MHCC), to develop an advanced asset business built with a pioneering spirit to create new social values. MHCC’s vision is to provide solutions to social issues, achieve sustainable growth and enhance corporate value using technology and data.

HCPL acquires EuroFleet (Hungary)

Hitachi Capital Polska reinforces its presence in the Central European market and adds scale to its existing Hungarian operations by acquiring Eurofleet and 2,500 vehicles. In doing so, it becomes one of the leading players in the full-service lease of passenger cars and commercial vehicles in Hungary.

Launch of MHC Mobility

Mitsubishi HC Capital’s mobility offering is rebranded, and MHC Mobility is launched with a commitment to offer fully integrated, innovative mobility services tailored to customers, both locally and across borders. MHC Mobility is a growing global business, with subsidiaries across Europe and sister companies in UK, Japan and Asia. Learn more about our international presence here.

Mitsubishi HC Capital acquires Mobility Mixx

In its aim to become a leader in car leasing and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) in Europe, MHC Mobility’s parent company, Mitsubishi HC Capital, acquires the remaining shares of Mobility Mixx, a leading MaaS and smart mobility provider in the Netherlands. With Mobility Mixx becoming a wholly owned subsidiary alongside MHC Mobility, Mitsubishi HC Capital aims to further drive its decarbonisation strategy and advanced mobility services.

MHC Mobility and Novuna Vehicle Solutions European restructure

MHC Capital Inc’s mobility operations in Europe and the UK come together to create a stronger business and enable further growth. The European MHC Mobility businesses are now managed alongside Novuna Vehicle Solutions under Mitsubishi HC Capital UK PLC (MHCUK). Together, Novuna and MHC Mobility aims to accelerate growth and become a market leader in decarbonisation and electrification in the UK and Europe.