About Us

We are MHC Mobility - a European mobility business, backed by decades of expertise and a long-term focus combined with forward-thinking innovation.

MHC Mobility is responsible for driving forward our parent company Mitsubishi HC Capital Inc's focus on mobility, offering fully integrated, innovative mobility services. Our local and international, simple and transparent solutions mean we can help customers stay ahead in their market, make future-facing decisions and navigate their way through the ever-changing environment of mobility.

We are driven by our customers' needs, providing valued consultancy that is flexible and agile and can respond to their mobility requirements as they change. Our services and expertise offer customers convenience and peace of mind, helping them optimise their businesses, grow and be successful.

We support our customers by taking responsibility for finding the best solutions. As the decarbonisation agenda grows in importance, digitalisation accelerates, cities evolve and ways of travelling change, we add new services, and more flexible mobility options.

Together with our sister company Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions in the UK, we cover nine countries in Europe. Customers can be further supported through our sister companies in Japan and Asia. Through our joint venture Mobility Mixx in the Netherlands we are able offer a full range of MaaS solutions.

Our Vision:

Offer fully integrated, innovative mobility services, tailored to all our customers, both locally and across borders.

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Our mission:

Be a key innovator in the development of flexible mobility services that are easy to use, reflect the progressive decarbonisation and sustainability agenda, and have our customers' needs at the core.